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Michelle Obama’s Speech

Fat America

I was getting coffee this morning and I stumbled upon a very interesting article in The Plain Dealer. Basically it’s a summary of the Obesity epidemic stats in America and the evolution of our diets over the last half century.
Here’s the link: Americans Are Consuming More Calories Than Ever

As much as you may find it redundant, it is a real issue… what do you think about the whole Obesity talk?

Two Year Anniversary

On this exact day, two years ago I woke up and made a life-changing decision: I quit smoking! Ever since I have not touched a single cigarette, and am proud to say that there are no craving whatsoever anymore. As a matter of fact, I could never see myself going back to such slavering behavior!!! Thanks to that I also met the most wonderful people whom, had I still been smoking, would certainly not be around. This is my two year anniversary for being smoke-free!! Hooray!!!

I’m Sorry Bernadette!

I’m very mad at myself! About five days ago I met this lady from Haiti who was observing classes from The Cleveland Institute of Music. Her name is Bernadette, and she is a cellist and coordinates a music program for kids with low income. I gave her my phone number since she was staying in Cleveland until today and told her to call if she needed anything. It turned out she did need help. I saw her again at my chamber music coaching and she asked if I could help her with a presentation (she speaks a little bit of english, but french is her main language). Of course I was very excited to have an opportunity to help her, but also to learn more about her program! We hadn’t set a time yet, but she told me she’d call me. I hadn’t heard from her until well now. I just got back home and realized I left my cell phone here all day, so I missed her call. The message was asking if I could help her at her presentation and serve as an “emergency translator”. The presentation was at 4PMm, and I missed it!

I’m also mad, because I was so excited… I’m trying to get her e-mail or phone number and see how it went… Gah, I can’t help but to be mad! Just today, I wish I was one of those “I could never live without my cellphone for a day”!

For the Love of Brahms

So all week I’ve been working on this piece with my quartet, and today we are having our second coaching withing two days… This is the 3rd movement of the Brahms Piano Quartet in c minor… sooo beautiful!

The story goes like this: Brahms fell in love with his best friend’s wife Clara Schumann. This complicated love triangle went on for years… until Brahms included this movement in the reworked piano quartet in c minor. It is said that Clara Schumann “finally understood…”

I guess this piece is supposed to represent the tragic love story that could never happen… Regardless, it’s some of the most beautiful music ever written in my opinion! Enjoy 🙂

Brahms Piano Quartet in c minor, 3rd mvt

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