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Two Year Anniversary

On this exact day, two years ago I woke up and made a life-changing decision: I quit smoking! Ever since I have not touched a single cigarette, and am proud to say that there are no craving whatsoever anymore. As a matter of fact, I could never see myself going back to such slavering behavior!!! […]

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I’m Sorry Bernadette!

I’m very mad at myself! About five days ago I met this lady from Haiti who was observing classes from The Cleveland Institute of Music. Her name is Bernadette, and she is a cellist and coordinates a music program for kids with low income. I gave her my phone number since she was staying in […]

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Gus & Adélaïde

Well today I decided to introduce … (drum rolls…) My Cats! Corny I know, but I’m well on my way to become a cat lady (or am I already?) so why not honor it. First up, Gustave. I found him in the streets of Cleveland about a year and a half ago, when he was […]

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The New One

Maybe it will be a recipe. Maybe just a crabby morning, or maybe an awakening story of near-death experience while drowning in the pool. No, this has not yet happened, but I make YOU my witness that I will learn how to swim between now and this summer… More like the end of the summer! […]

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