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Gus & Adélaïde

Well today I decided to introduce … (drum rolls…) My Cats! Corny I know, but I’m well on my way to become a cat lady (or am I already?) so why not honor it.

First up, Gustave. I found him in the streets of Cleveland about a year and a half ago, when he was only a kitten. I was doing a very early morning (5:30AM!) jogging when I came across that little furry beast, and I couldn’t resist. I picked him up and brought him immediately to my apartment. Little did I know, he was a little devil…  Anyways long story… He’s calmed down a bit ever since I (my boyfriend) got him neutered!

And now onto Adélaïde. She’s soooo sweet! I’ll be working at my desk, and she jumps on my shoulders and lays around my neck… awwww!!! I felt that Gustave could use a friend, so I went to the shelter and there she was being the little attention whore that she still is. She was a bit older than the other guys, but soooo sweet… and very squirmy 😉

It took a good two weeks for the two of them to be able to cohabit. Gustave seemed completely frazzled and confused at the sight of another cat, but he finaly came to term with the fact that he is not the only one…

Anyways here are some pictures.


Gustave in a water bottle box

Adélaïde... hope you are not supersticious!

They love each other!

RWJF: Childhood Obesity

Finally starting my research paper. Subject: Childhood Obesity Prevention and in depth analysis of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s plan. Exiting no??? At least I am. It is for my Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations class, and I finally got the OK on my subject, Yay!

– Kloé

The Extra Two Miles

Ouch… I have a feeling I’ll be sore tomorrow. After many hours of procrastination, I ended up going for what I thought would be a 6 mile run. Well it turned out to be a 7,75 miles run!?!?! That’s almost two extra miles, and we need to remember that I’m only getting back in shape! No, I did not miscalculate my run. I GOT LOST!!!! That’s right! And it wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t had orchestra RIGHT AFTER what I planned to be a six mile run… so believe me, I ran faster than… I don’t know; something fast, you pick!

Anyways, despite this little adventure, it was a wonderful workout. I feel that my mind is a lot more peaceful after that run. Especially since it goes around a little lake in the (kind of) woods…

– Kloé

Millenium Trilogy

Ha! Yesterday I finished the last book of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy Millenium. And let me tell you, it was good. I started the first volume mid-january, and I was hooked! It’s modern, suspense-type with many corporations/government conspiracies to solve. It’s usually not what I reach for in the bookstore, but since I received it as a Christmas gift from my dad, I wanted to see what this was all about. Bottom line, it’s not life changing, but it’s definitely entertaining and engaging!

The question is: NOW WHAT?

What book should I read. I mean there are so many options that it’s really tough to decide. Anyways I’m open to any suggestions 🙂

– Kloé

The Cleveland Summer

OK- so I know it’s early to make plans for the summer, but it’s kind of exciting so… why not!?!?

  1. I love cooking, but there’s always more to learn so that is why I decided to take cooking classes.
    And nice ones: Viking Cooking School
    I live in Cleveland, and they offer (in my area at least) a 12 class Essential Cooking Series that covers all basics from sauces and marinades to dough and cake decorating… how sweet is that???
  2. Take up boxing again. Yep that’s right, I use to do some at a very basic level, and I’m looking forward to get into it again.
  3. Of course there’s marathon training that will take up some serious time.
  5. Go on long biking rides, and do at least one 100 mile ride.
  6. Practice my ceRRo… just kidding with the R and L replacement again… it does happen a bit often though 🙂 anyways I mean Cello, and seriously kick my but about it. Maybe get a practice buddy???
    here’s the rep:

    • Bach 2nd suite in d minor
    • Kabalevsky Sonata in B-flat Major
    • Schubert Arpeggiona Sonata
    • Piazzola Grand Tango
    • Haydn Concerto in D Major
  7. some volunteering work. maybe gardening to embellish the city?

    Maybe I’m thinking about that because of the AMAZING weather… And believe it or not, Cleveland in the summer is quite beautiful and fun!

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